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PR #Fail at Twitter?

Fail WhaleOver the past few days, I’ve had numerous conversations regarding Twitter’s decision to hire a tweet-less Gabriel Stricker as their new VP of Communications. In a recent post Michael Arrington effectively summarizes what many of us are questioning: Why would Twitter choose to bring in a top executive who appears to have “never used” the product?

This reaction seems pretty reasonable…and I’d say, predictable. So I have to ask, as Twitter’s new head of communications with significant PR experience, how could Striker not see this coming?

It doesn’t matter to me whether he had a private account prior to joining Twitter; in fact, let’s just assume he did. My issue is that it’s now his job to ensure the messaging around Twitter’s product is positive and that the communications coming from the company elicit user loyalty and confidence. Appearing as though you are sending your “first-ever tweet” (whether you are or not) is not the way to encourage positive reactions in the Twitter-verse.

Even if Stricker had a great reason to disconnect from his private tweeting profile, handling the transition in this way was poor PR. I remain a bit wary for Twitter about this hiring decision not because Stricker failed to tweet more, but because he failed to manage what seems to have been a foreseeable public response.

When I quickly searched for Twitter’s response to this story, I could not find anything, but would be interested to hear their/Stricker’s point-of-view.  

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LinkedIn tips you need to know

“LinkedIn is built like a skyscraper, but almost everyone is still in the lobby” -John Hill from HigherEd Evangelist at LinkedIn.

I attended a session with John this week on how departments and individuals at Stanford can best utilize this professional social network. Considering myself a proficient LinkedIn user, I was surprised to learn a lot of new features and strategies that I am confident will improve my personal and professional use.  Wanting to share these tips further, I’ve broken down his recommendations into a few key categories.

Getting started

  •  “Personal branding is only going to accelerate”: To access the value of LinkedIn, you (obviously) must first create a profile. If you for some reason have not done this, please stop reading now and address this immediately (no really, right now). In an age where you can’t control all that is said about you online, this is a great way to highlight your skills and accomplishments.
  • Focus on the basics: Despite his sales position, John recommends NOT purchasing the premium LinkedIn package until you feel comfortable with the standard features (being able to maneuver around the lobby is essential before stepping on the elevator to the penthouse).
  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed: Not having an online network when you’re getting started can be daunting, John recommends 30 connections as a good baseline for taking advantage of the site’s features.

Relationship Management Tips

  • “Give without expectation for return”: Stressing the importance of networking beyond the internet, John reminds us that LinkedIn is not intended to replace offline interactions. When building successful relationships you should seek ways to help others in the “real world” without expectation for repayment.

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